As of March/April 2017, I was too fat to comfortably tie my own shoes. My wife insisted I cut calories and start exercising to lose weight. Being an overachiever, I started fasting every other day. I hired a personal trainer, and started exercising intensely twice a week. But I started feeling faint during workouts. During one lightheaded spell at the gym, while I was lying face up on the floor, the personal trainer suggested I see a doctor.

Well, I did go see a doctor. She told me intense exercise on no food and not enough water was not a good idea. It could make anyone dizzy. She told me that exercise, though very healthy for other reasons, has little to do with weight loss. She told me to do less intense exercise, like walking, to breathe properly, not to fast before exercise, and to drink enough water. Great, I thought. Now I have to eat more, and exercise less!

At my doctor visit on April 3, 2017, my doctor reported my weight at 228 lbs. with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 33.92. That’s medically obese! She told me to go get some blood work done to determine if I was suffering Type 2 diabetes. 20180906_091104

Pre syncope is lightheadedness. I was feeling faint during workouts.