I’m sure we can all agree we prefer to text people what’s on our minds rather than tell them to their face. Not always because we don’t want to tell them face to face, sometimes it’s just because it’s easier. Now, in some aspects the easy communication can enhance our social skills, but at the point we’ve reached now it is doing the opposite. A prime example of this is Facebook. Facebook was made so you could keep in contact with all your friends in one place. Originally it was great because you no longer had to keep physical records updated – if your friend moved, Facebook would tell you. Great right?

Well, in recent years, we’ve been using Facebook and other social medias so that we don’t have to stay in touch. Their existence have given us a reason to ignore social relationships because we “friended” them already.

Now, I’m not saying we have gone back to the stone ages and no one talks to each other anymore, but it is worth noting that maybe we might not be improving our social skills as a society. And maybe we might be on a path toward our social skills devolving just a little bit.