When not operating a motor vehicle


Q. Can police officers stop me for no reason?
A. Yes, the Supreme Court of the United States of America has held that law enforcement officers can approach and talk to anyone.

Q. Can police officers search me for no reason?
A. No. Although police officers have the right to stop you, they cannot search you without reason.

Q. Do I need to provide police officers with my ID
A. It is strongly recommended that you do provide police officers with your ID. Most states have laws that require you to identify yourself under certain circumstances. In some states, refusing to provide identification may lead to arrest.

Q. Can I refuse a police search?
A. Yes! Police are required by law to ask for your consent before a search. You are free to refuse their request. Again, remember that the only legal requirement on your part is to provide the officer with a form of identification.

Q. What to do in case of an illegal search?
A. Witnesses and evidences will help your situation. If you’re being harassed, call out people nearby to witness you and the police. Also, remember that if you are carrying a smartphone or a camera, it is perfectly legal to film police officers. If criminal charges are filed against you, you can file a motion to suppress and present evidence that you did not consent to the encounter with the police and any subsequent searches were illegal.