Here are some tips to follow when interacting with a police officer:

  • Be polite and respectful towards the officer. Do not get angry or start yelling.
  • The officer is observing your every move to make sure you are not hiding anything or drawing a weapon – make your movements slowly.
  • If pulled over, announce to the police what you are doing before reaching for license, registration or insurance papers.
  • If pulled over, do not get out of your car without asking permission from the officer.
  • Answer questions briefly. Always try to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and do not give out excessive information.
  • Comply with the officer’s directions. Even if you believe the officer is doing something illegal, do not react in a way that will lead to the police officer arresting you or using force against you.
  • You should always ask for the officer’s name and badge number. If you do not feel safe asking the officer or if the officer refuses, it is a good idea to note down the license plate number of the officer’s car.
  • Ask if you’re free to go. If the police officer does not have probable cause to detain you and ultimately arrest you, he or she must let you leave.