Being aware and mindful of your own body is critical to getting the most out of your life and enjoying your own time.

Our world is getting more advanced and more stimulating to the senses and both of these things can affect our bodies. Often exhaustion from overworking and a stressful job are the most destructive forces to a person’s mental state and, by extension, body. Stress, while sometimes positive, in profuse amounts can have devastating effects to a person’s psychology and body. An example being stress increasing hypertension and blood pressure, which both negatively effect the heart.

Be sure to find ways to manage and minimize things like stress or exhaustion by simply doing simple tasks like taking a 15 minute walk outside when you feel like you have nerves or you feel you’ve been making no progress on your work. Minimize the amount of blue light you get from computer screens by putting the phone or tablet down or shutting the computer off 30 minutes before bed and picking up a book instead so you can improve your sleep and feel more well rested when you wake up. Going to the gym every other day or even just being more careful of what you eat is also a way to help improve self esteem and give yourself more energy for your day-to-day.