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Planning is an effective way at maximizing the chances of getting a desired outcome in just about anything, so why should taking control and enjoying your own life be any different?

If you have some goal you want to attain and work towards, first step is obviously to construct a rough outline for how you plan to get there. It’s difficult to figure out how you’re going to accomplish something if you’re inundated with confusion on how you could even begin to work towards a goal. If you even have some vague idea of how you’re going to accomplish your goal, you’re already a step forward in the right direction even if you don’t exactly feel like you are.

Now that you have this rough outline, you can begin. Along the way when following this outline or plan, you can refine the steps as you go along by making each “microgoal” much more focused and clear.

However, the most difficult part of this general tip is just taking the initiative to begin planning in the first place. It can be overwhelming to plan into the future when you think it’s uncertain, but a plan can give some clarity and relieve anxiety about the future.