Differences between these two pictures?


  • Composition: The angle in which the photo is taken. Each photo is taken from a different position. Sometimes getting the best angle requires laying down, or raising the camera above your head. It is all about finding the best perspective.
  • Color: The color of a photo is edited afterward, however the one taken by the pro is conveying a different mood then the one amateur’s picture. A minor difference but significant end result.
  • Manual: The use of manual functions on a camera require higher understanding of aperture, shutter, and ISO. In this case, the professional’s picture (although it could have been manipulated in post-production) makes use of the aperture to control the depth of field. There is a significant amount of bokeh, blurring of foreground in the picture taken.

If we take into account these different concepts and apply them when we find ourself behind the lens, the final products will be better. That being said, some people are artistically advantaged and will always produce better images, not because of equipment, because of one’s creativity.