Our sleeping environment should be a happy place where we feel safe and secure. After the day is over and the night is young we all should be counting sheep peacefully. Although that is not always the case.

Here are some tips to maintaining a relaxing sleeping environment:

  1. Try to eliminate as much noise before falling asleep. If these noises are out of your control, try turning on a fan or wearing earplugs so you won’t be up all night.
  2. Keeping your room at a cool temperature (65F – 70F) can help get you to REM faster. Finding the right temperature is the best way to avoid tossing and turning at night.
  3. Having a comfortable bed can improve your sleep tremendously. Waking up to a sore back and neck is the worst. Make sure you have enough room to toss and turn as you please during the night.
  4. Your brain can associate the bedroom with sleep if you stop doing homework, watching TV, or using your computer in bed. It will become easier to wind down and fall asleep this way.