Yogurt is one of my favorites for breakfast. It taste yummy, its fast, its cheap, and its really healthy for us! Yogurt comes form milk so it contains a good amount of protein,  and not only that but also many other nutrients. I am a body builder, and I eat yogurt not only in the morning, but thought the day as well. Some yogurt are much more expensive, but the different in amount of nutrients are not that much. I highly recommend the low fat yogurt as they have more protein, and helps me with my weight lost diet. Yogurt are easy to take anywhere. There also located in dairy sections of stores. You can get around 2 cups of yogurts per $1. Add them to your fridge and take one with you on your way to class in the morning.

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For those of you that have a little bit more money to spend, then I recommend you getting Greek yogurt. They are one of the most healthiest yogurt in the store. Also some yogurts contains nuts. Nuts are good for our health as well, so don’t be afraid to purchase the nutty ones too!

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