For many people the first thing they do when they sit down at a computer is fire up a web browser of some sort. Be it Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox every browser can be made more secure with some relatively simple tweaks. Perhaps the easiest change to make is to start using private browser windows. When using a private browser window your browser will not save your browsing history and it prevents websites from tracking you. If browsing privately is not an option, some of the tracking can be mitigated by disabling cookies. Cookies are little pieces of data that most websites use to store information on your browsing activity. Simply go into the browsers settings to modify the level of security you would like with regard to cookies. This can range from allowing them everywhere, disabling them completely, or somewhere in the middle. Switching to a more secure, privacy focused search engine is another way to maintain better privacy while browsing the web. Most of the popular search engines rely on selling users advertisements to make money. However, engines like Startpage, SearX, and DuckDuckGo sell general advertisements or rely on donations to make money.