In this day and age almost everyone has a smartphone that travels everywhere with them. For a device that manages a large portion of our lives, they manage our privacy pretty poorly out of the box. The most important thing to help keep data on a smartphone private is to use a secure pass code. Preferably one that is either text or numeric. Android devices allow you to use a pattern lock, however this is less secure than numbers or text. If your device supports it, enabling encryption is another good way to keep data safe. For Androids, this means that every time the phone is turned on it will prompt for a pin or password to decrypt the device. While encrypted data on the phone is perfectly safe. While this leaves the phone physically secure, messages are still a target. This can be solved by using an app like Signal which encrypts messages between two devices using the app. Now messages coming and going are secure and the phone is protected by a strong pass code when on and encrypted when off.