Whether you started with bad credit or no credit you have your credit score climbing and are asking yourself, how do I keep this going. Luckily, for you, the hard part is over. If you’ve already taken the steps to improve your credit you’re already on the right track. The key is too keep this good habits you’ve developed going and maintain the credit you’ve built.

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To maintain a good credit score you simply have to keep doing the things that got you that score to begin with. Keep yourself organized and keep setting reminders for when your payments are due. For example, keep paying your bills on time and keep your credit card balances low. Continue the plan you’ve set in place to chip away at your debt and limit your credit card applications. All these habits that you’ve developed will continue to work and will continue to show you improvement. Though, most importantly, keep and eye on your credit. You’re now doing everything right but that doesn’t mean that issues out of your control can’t arise. So keep on eye on your credit score and correct errors that might pop up from time to time. With continued practice of these good habits you’ll have no trouble maintaining that credit score and seeing improvement after improvement.