Phishing is a scam where people are sent emails in hope to steal personal information from them. Phishing is most commonly done by sending a person a fake email from a company or service saying they need to go to a link in the email to confirm a password, username, credit card, and other personal information. The email generally LOOKS like it comes from the business or site in question, but is really a fake. An easy example of this would be if Independent bank emailed you from “” asking to change your online banking password, with a link to the page where you could do so. This email address may look correct, and the content in the email professional looking and something the bank would send, but did you notice Independent is spelled wrong? By clicking on the link they provided, you could be directed to a site that looks next-to identical to the real site, and by filling in your email, current password, and new password, the site now has your email and password to log onto your real account and do whatever they want with it. Even by clicking on the link, you may have been taken to a site that infects your computer with malware to steal this information anyway. This scam is easily avoided with little effort, go to the real site and do what it asks (if even needed) instead of clicking on the link provided.