Currently, I’m writing this blog for my CIS class, Client-Side Web Application Development.  The other day, however, I had a wave of reassurance about my current path.  I’m also taking a class about database creation and management.  In this class, we write code in Visual Basic and practice interacting with several tables of data to make an effective database.  I haven’t use Visual Basic in almost 1.5 years, however.

We received our first assignment almost 2 weeks ago.  The assignment was simple task about creating a database to incorporate three tables of data.  We were to write the code in Visual Basic.  Visiting this was like revisiting Spanish after not speaking for over a year.  It’s rough and requires some refresher.  I found my textbook on Visual Basic and began reading.  I started to draw flowcharts and implement different portions of code to start to piece together my program.

After a couple days of tackling the project, I was still having trouble.  I went to see a tutor and he and I worked on the problem for nearly 3 and a half hours to figure out the algorithm I needed.  Once we finished, however, I felt this high that I couldn’t explain.  I had so much fun getting creative and implementing several techniques and relearning Visual Basic.  I was able to begin to see the fruits of my studies and it was such a gratifying feeling.  For the first time, I truly felt like I’ve set out on the right path for myself.  I’m happy with CIS and excited to see where I can take this.  I’m feeling very ambitious and excited to keep learning.