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Cheap Health Breakfast (Terry Chen)

Access to my 3 blogs on different healthy breakfast items! Boiled Eggs,Fruits, and Yogurt!

You can eat a good healthy breakfast even if your on a budget or having money problems. Breakfast is very important, as it kick starts us into our long day. Many college students such as me are broke and have difficult getting up early on time to eat breakfast. I am trying to change that, and want you to know that eating breakfast can be quick, easy, and cheap.


Nutrition is key to breakfast. We have to make sure to give our body enough nutrition’s such as vitamins,  proteins, etc. It will help maintain our body and help us improve our body. 

Breakfast don’t have to be fancy and don’t have to take a long time to make. You can make breakfast within minutes and still have decent amounts of nutrition to kick start your day. In my blog post, I will be telling you cheap, fast, and efficient breakfast hacks you might need!


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