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Create Professional Pictures (Collin Krygier)

Does my Image look professional ?

DSCF6505 copy

We will explore various editing softwares, image comparisons, and professional vs amateur final products. When trying to make images look more professional start by running through this quick checklist:

  • Is the image blurry?
  • Is the intended subject in focus?
  • If there is grain present, does obstruct what the image is trying to convey?
  • Is the image extremely dark, overly light, or difficult to see?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then it should be noted that the image probably does not look professional.

So your photo passed the test, now what?

Editing the Colors and Appearance of the Photo

Professional photographers do not use images straight out of the camera and you shouldn’t either. Going back to the oldest days of photography we observed photographers developing images in dark rooms and  manipulating the visual appearance of the image. Photoshop and other editing programs are essentially your modern day dark room.


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