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DIY Home Repairs (Travis Lange)

When things break, it can be scary.  Not necessarily because the break is dangerous to your well being, but because the break is dangerous to your wallet.  Here we will look at some tasks that may look daunting at first, but can actually be done by you!


Take this clogged drain for example.  Watering is going into the sink and pooling up.  This gets worse over time until it seems like it takes ages for the water to completely drain out of the sink.


Or this stained ceiling.  You may be thinking, “Oh my gosh!  I need to replace the whole thing!”  That is not necessarily the case.  Some simple primer may do the trick!


And this dried up lawn.  It may seem as if you need to hire a whole gardening crew to bring it back to life, but a little bit of hard work on your end and the lawn will be green as new.

These may seem like some scary home repairs, but if you read the blog posts, I think you will find that they aren’t so scary after all.

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