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Weight Loss (George Corser)

You can lose 50 pounds in 5 months if you want. Just stop eating bread and sugar. that’s what I did.

I weighed 228 in April 2017. Below is my employer’s official photo of me, taken in 2015.


Here is a photo of me taken in September 2017, when I weighed 173.


I lost 55 pounds in 5 months. And I’ve kept it off for over a year (so far). How? I quit eating all food that contains either flour or sugar.

No candy. No bread. No noodles. It’s a low carb, health fat (LCHF) diet. Now that I have achieved a near-normal (according to BMI scale) body weight. I do eat some carbs, like potatoes or brown rice, but only in strict moderation. I actually weigh my food on a scale to make sure I don’t overeat.

Very few people have the grit to make LCHF a permanent lifestyle. But I was “fed up” (ha, ha) with gaining and losing weight. I had tried a bunch of things, fasting, temporary diets, commercial weight loss systems. I never lost weight permanently, and I never met anyone else who did either. I hear there are some people that do it, I just never met any. Anyway, by the time I heard about LCHF as a lifelong eating practice, I was just frustrated enough to to go through with it.

My big problem was staying motivated. My blog posts tell the story, not of how I lost weight, but of how I stayed motivated, which I think is more critical.


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